Angel of the Resurrection by Walker Kirtland Hancock


Angel of the Resurrection by Walker Kirtland Hancock

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Icons of Sound: Cappella Romana in a virtual Hagia Sophia - Prokeimenon

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Modern civilized man cannot endure cruelty, pain and suffering and is more merciful than men of the past, but this is not because he is morally and spiritually higher than they. He fears pain and suffering more than they did; he is more effeminate, less firm, patient and courageous than they; in other words he is spiritually less strong. Nicolas Berdyaev (via das-grablied)

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Christ is risen from the dead! O Christ is risen fom the dead! Trampling down death by death! And to those in the tombs He is bestowing life!

When God rises from the dead, it’s sort of a big deal.

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Takáts Márton: Budapest, Hommage à Piranesi (1994-2006)

Amikor 1996 körül megismertem ezt a sorozatot, iszonyú menőnek gondoltam, hogy Takáts Marci Piranesi modorában megkonstruál egy romos, elhagyott Budapestet, aztán rájöttem, hogy nézett már így ki párszor a város a valóságban is.
Fotók: Fortepan / Military Museum of South New England, Kramer István dr.
Takáts Marci ezzel együtt nagyon menő.

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In the long history of mankind there have not been so very many democratic republics, yet people lived for centuries without them and were not always worse off. They even experienced that ‘happiness’ we are forever hearing about, which was sometimes called pastoral or patriarchal They…
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Arvo Part / A Winged Victory for the Sullen / Fratres (Video)

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